Syllabus – U.S. and Virginia Government            Instructor Mr. MacGuinness
Magruder’s American Government , William A. McClenaghan - Prentice Hall, Inc.

     This course offers a historical and cultural study of U.S. and Virginia Government. An emphasis will be placed on social and economic influences , with an increased attention on the development and evolution of the government and the republic. The theme of change with regard to scientific and technological advancements will also be highlighted. Attention will also be focused  upon the connections between the people and events of the twentieth century. Students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of artifacts and primary and secondary sources to uncover and understand specific historic events and issues.
Course Objectives:
First Semester - First Quarter
I.     Introduction to Classroom rules and a brief review of U.S. and Virginia Government
II.     Foundations of American Government – Chapters 1 - 7
A.     Principles of Government
B.     Origins of American Government  
C.     The Constitution
D.     Federalism
E.     Political Parties
F.     Voters and Voter Behavior
G.     The Electoral Process
Second Quarter
III.     Political Behavior – The Legislative Branch  Chapters 8 – 12
A.    Mass Media and Public Opinion
B.    Interest Groups                           
C.  Congress
D.  Powers of Congress
E.     Congress in Action  
F.     Mid Term Exam
Third Quarter
IV. The Executive and Judicial Branches  - Chapters 13 - 21
A. The Presidency                
B.     The Presidency in Action
C.     Government at Work: The Bureaucracy  
D.  Financing Government
E.    Foreign Policy and National Defense
F.    The Federal Court System
G.    Civil Liberties: First Amendment and Individual Freedoms
H.    Civil Rights; Equal Justice Under the Law
 Fourth Quarter
 V. Comparative Political and Economic Systems   - Chapters 22 - 25
A.  Comparative Political Systems  
B.   Comparative Economic Systems
C.    State and Local Government
D.    Final Exam