World History II, I, and Geography Expectations and Procedures   
Instructor: Mr. MacGuinness  *Remember to keep this copy in your notebook at all times
Testing and Grading:
Class Policies:
1.     Materials Needed - textbook, a separate loose-leaf notebook with loose-leaf paper included and a writing utensil. The above are required materials and must be brought to class daily. All work must be written in blue or black ink only. A 0  will apply if you make the decision not to follow this policy.
2.     Class Attendance - Each Student is required to attend class. If a student is absent it is their responsibility to check assignments, and complete the work assigned. The teacher will always be available for clarification. Each student will be in class on time and working at their desk at the time of the bell.
3.     Assignments
 a.   Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. The completion of homework is essential to being  successful in this class. Homework is to be done in black or blue ink only.   
b.     Keep all of your assignments, daily notes, and quizzes neatly away in your notebook. This is to ensure  that you will have the necessary materials when studying for tests.
c.     Late work will not be accepted. Students are responsible for turning in assignments on time and following directions.
d.     Work missed due to absences must be made up. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain assignments before or after an absence. Students will have one week from the day of a test, to make up the test due to excused absences.
e.     If you are in school the day a test is announced, but absent the class day before a test, you are responsible for taking the test if you are present in class. If you are in class the day a test is announced but absent on test day, you should be prepared to take the test the same day you return to school.    Unexcused absences will not excuse you from taking a test.  
f.     Quizzes and Tests are to be written in blue or black ink.
Extra Help
- If you need extra help in this subject you will stay after school for teacher assistance between 1:45 and 3:30. It is necessary that you provide transportation.  Other times are available but  must be prearranged.
Classroom Behavior
1.     All regulations in the Student Handbook apply to this class.
2.     Chewing gum, candy, beverages, or food items are not allowed in class.
3.     When the teacher is talking students are not. Disruption of the class will be dealt with immediately.
4.     Students will remain in their seats until the bell rings or otherwise instructed by the teacher.
5.     Sharing assignment answers( outside of group work or otherwise authorized) is not allowed.
6.     Cheating will receive an immediate 0 and a call home.
Parent and Student Agreement
You have read and discussed these guidelines. You are aware that you may reach Mr. MacGuinness during the school day by calling the school at 898-0354 or 890-5000 or e-mailing
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