A.P. European History
A.P. European History Review
Comparison of French Rev. and Russian Rev.
Ch 11 Medieval Europe -High Middle Ages
  Ch 12 The Renaissance
Ch 13 The Reformation
Ch 14 Explorers and Exploration
Ch 15  Absolutism
Ch 16 Notes Scientific Revolution
Ch 17 The Transatlantic Economy
Ch 18 Notes on the Social History of Europe
Ch19 French Revolution Notes
AP European DBQ Rubric
AP European History DBQ Powerpoint
General Midterm Review Jeopardy
A.P. European History McKay Book
A.P.Ch19 French Revolution and Napoleon
A.P. Ch20 Energy and Industry
A.P. Ch21 Ideologies and Upheaval
Ch 22 Life in the Emerging Urban Society
Ch 23 The Age of Nation States
Ch 24 The West and the World 
Ch 25 War and Revolution WWI 
Ch 26 The Age of Anxiety - Between the Wars
Ch 27 The Dictators and World War II
Ch 28 Europe and the Cold War
Ch 29 Post Cold War and the Fall of the Soviet Union
Ch 30 Europe and Globalization and Resistance