A. P. World History Study Guides and Notes

Ch 1 Pre-History,  and Early Civilizations Mesopotamia, Egypt Study Guide
Ch 2. Classical Civilization China Study Guide
Ch 3. Classical Civilization India Study Guide
Ch 4. Greece, Rome and Hellenistic Culture Study Guide
Ch 5. The Decline of Classical Civilizations Study Guide
Ch 6 Islam Study Guide
Ch 7 Islam and its spread to Asia and Southeast Asia Study Guide
Ch 8 Islam in Africa Study Guide
Ch 9 Byzantine Empire Study Guide
Ch 10 Western Civilization in Europe Middle Ages Study Guide
Ch 11 The Americas on the Eve of Invasion Study Guide
Ch 12 Civilizations of East and Southeast Asia
Ch 13 The Spread of Chinese Civilization
Ch 14 The Mongols
Ch 15 Successful and Unsucessful Paths to Power Study Guide
Ch 16 Society and Economy in the 18th Cenury Study Guide
Ch18 The Rise of Russia Study Guide
Ch19 EarlyLatinAmerica
Ch20 Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade
Ch21 The Muslim Empires
Ch22 AsianTransition in the Global Age
Ch23 The Emergence of the Industrial Age in the West
Ch24 Industrialization and Imperialism
Ch25 The Consolidation of Latin America
Ch26 Civilizations in Crisis The Ottoman and Qing Empires
Ch 27 Russia and Japan
Ch28 World War I and Nationalism
Ch29 The World Between the Wars
Ch30 World War II
Ch 31 The Cold War
Ch 32 Latin America Cold War and Beyond
Ch33 Africa Asia, and the Middle East  in the Era of Independence
Ch 34 Rebirth and Revolution in Asia and Pacific Rim
Ch 35 Conflict in the World 1990 - 2010
Ch 36 Globalization and Resistance