Syllabus - World History Pre-IB ( Pre-History - AD 1870)       Instructor Mr. MacGuinness
Text :  World History People and Nations , Harcourt Brace Jovanovivh, Inc.

     This course offers a historical and cultural study of World History that will enable students to explore the development of people, places, and patterns of life from ancient times until A. D. 1870.  An emphasis will be placed on geographic influences , with an increased attention on the development and evolution of the nation state. The theme of change with regard to scientific and technological advancements will be highlighted. Attention will also be focused  upon the connections between the people and events of the twentieth century. Students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of artifacts and primary and secondary sources to uncover and understand specific historic events and issues.
Course Objectives:  

Course Outline:
First Semester - First Quarter   
I.     The Beginnings of Civilization  ( Geography Review )
II. Civilizations of the Mediterranean World
III. The World in Transition

First Semester - Second Quarter
IV.    Feudalism and Medieval Europe
V.    The Renaissance, Reformation and Scientific Revolution
VI.    The Age of Expansion and Exploration

Second Semester - Third Quarter
VII.    Absolutism and The Age of Revolution
A.    English Revolution
B.    The American Revolution
C.    The French Revolution
VIII.    The Industrial Revolution

Second Semester - Fourth Quarter
IX.    The Revolution in Science and Technology
X.    The Age of Liberalism, Reform, and Nationalism
XI.    Imperialism in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

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