Study Guide for Chapter 27 - Nationalism and Revolution Around the World
Terms and People to Know
Ch 27 pgs. ( 850-857)  Sec 1
Porfiro Diaz   haciendas   Francisco Madera   Victoriano Huerta  Emiliano Zapata     Pancho Villa         Venustiano Carranza   
nationalization   PRI     economic nationalism     cultural nationalism   

Diego Rivera     Jose Clemente Orozco     David Alfaro Siqueiros    Good Neighbor Policy
Ch27 pgs. (858-864) Sec 2
Jomo Kenyata    apartheid    African National Congress    Pan Africanism     W.E.B. DuBois
Negritude movement     Leopold Senghor   Asia Minor     Kemal Ataturk     Reza Khan     Pan-Arabism
Balfour Declaration
Ch 27 pgs. (865 - 868) Sec 3  
The Amritsar Massacre       Mohandas Gandhi    ahimsa   civil disobedience  untouchables
Boycott   The Salt March    Hind Swaraj
Ch 27 pgs. ( 869 - 873) Sec 4
Sun Yixian    Yuan Shikai      Twenty-One Demands     May Fourth Movement    vanguard   Guomindang   Jiang Jieshi   
Mao Zedong    Long March        rape of Nanjing         

Ch 27 pgs. ( 874 - 881) Sec 5
Emperor Hirohito        Diet    zaibatsu   ultranationalists   Manchuria     The Manchurian Incident       Manzhouguo
Ideas to Understand
·        Explain why revolution erupted in Mexico in 1910
·        Identify the effects of the Mexican Revolution
·        Describe how nationalism grew in Africa, Iran, and Turkey after WWI
·        Describe and explain the rise of Nationalism in India
·        Describe and explain the rise of the republic in China
·        Describe and explain the rise of the Communists in China
·        Explain and describe the rise of the military in Japan after WWI
Essay Questions
1. Describe and explain the causes of the Mexican Revolution. Explain how nationalism grew in latin America.
2. Compare and contrats the rise of nationalism in Africa, Turkey, and Iran to rise of Nationalism in India?
3. Describe and explain the rise of nationalism in China and the formation of the Communist and Nationalist Guomindang party. How did nationalism in Japan impact on China?