Study Guide for Chapter 9 - Ancient Byzantium               Terms and People to Know 

Ch. 9 Sec. 1  pgs 280-288
Constantinople    “ New Rome”    Hippodrome   Emperor Justinian     Belisarius 

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   Nika Rebellion       Hagia Sophia     minarets   muezzins      Corpus Juris Civilis      Justinian's Code    autocrat     Theodora     Greek fire        patriarch     icons       iconoclasts     iconoclastic controversy    Great Schism  Eastern Orthodox church    Seljuk Turks    Ottoman Turks    Mehmet II    Istanbul    Procopious
Secret History   Anna Comnena  Alexiad     

Ch. 9 Sec. 2 pgs 289-293
steppe      Kiev     Varangians    Kievan Rus   Rurik      Vikings    Novgorod      Cyril  Methodious   Cyrillic
Princess Olga     Vladimir I       Yaroslav the Wise       Russian Orthodox Church     Genghis Khan          Batu      Golden Horde
Moscow   Battle of Kulikovo    Ivan the Great    boyars      tsar  czar    Ivan IV    oprichniki  Ivan the Terrible             

Ch. 9 Sec. 3 pgs 294 –301 
Slavs    Balkan Peninsula   Danube   Vistula   ethnic group    expulsion   Prince Boleslaw of Cracow   Queen Jadwiga
Duke Wladyslaw Jagiello    Poland –Lithuania    diet   liberum veto   Jan Sobieski    Magyars
The Golden Bull of 1222   Serbs   Stefan Dusan   Battle of Kosovo  

Ideas to understand

   Describe and explain Byzantine cultural developments and how they preserved Western civilization.
   Describe and explain how the geography of Eastern Europe helped develop Russian cultural centers.
   Describe and explain the contributions of the Slavs and Vikings to Kievan Rus.
   Describe and explain the Mongol invasions of eastern Europe.

·         Outline and explain the rise of the Russian Orthodox church and the city of Moscow
Essay Questions ( give specific examples to support your statements )
Describe and explain how the geography and culture of the Byzantine empire helped save Western civilization. Give specific examples ofRoman and Greek civilization.(be specific)
Describe and explain the rise of civilization in Russia. Give specific examples of geography, political rulers, economy, religious, and cultural examples of Russian civilization.