Study Guide for Chapter 23 Growth of Western Democracies  Terms and People to Know  Vocabulary

Ch.23 Sec 1 pags 720-725
House of Commons     House of Lords     rotten boroughs    Whigs      Tories     Liberals   Conservatives  Great Reform Act     electorate   Chartism     secret ballot      Queen Victoria       Prince Albert       Benjmin Disraeli      William Gladstone    Reform Bill of 1867   parliamentary democracy  

Ch.23 Sec 2 pags 726-732
Lady Constance Lytton    Suffragists   free trade    repeal    Corn Laws  abolition movement    capital offenses
Penal colonies  Fabian Society  Labour Party  Emmeline Pankhurst     absentee landlords      The Great Hunger
The Irish Potato Famine   Daniel O’Connell    Irish catholic League     Catholic Emancipation Act    Charles Stewart Parnell
Home rule  

Ch.23  Sec 3 pags 733-738
Napoleon III     Second Empire of France   Ferdinand de Lessups    Suez Canal     Emperor Maximilian     Nice and Savoy
Alsace and Lorrraine   provisional    The Paris Commune    Communards     The Third French Republic    premier      coalitions   General Georges Boulanger
The Dreyfus Affair    Alfred Dreyfus     Emile Zola   J’Accuse   libel   Devil’s Island Zionism   Theodor Herzl      Jeanne- Elizabeth Schmahl 

Ch.23 Sec 4 pags 739-747
Emma Lazarus    expansionism   Thomas Jefferson    Lousiana Purchase    The Mexican War     Manifest Destiny
Lewis and Clark   William Lloyd Garrison    The Liberator   Frederick Douglas    Harriet Beecher Stowe  Uncle Tom’s Cabin    Lucretia Mott    Elizabeth Cady Stanton  Seneca Fall’s Convention   seceded  The Civil War  Antietam    The Battle of Gettysburg    Emancipation Proclamation    Segregation
13th, 14th and 15th Amendments  Andrew Carnegie   John D. Rockefeller  Standard Oil Company   American Federation of Labor     Populists     Progressives