Study Guide for Ch. 16 – The Age of Absolutism             Terms and People to Know  

Ch 16 Sec 1. ( pgs 502 – 509)

Ferdinand and Isabella    Hapsburgs Empire      Charles V     Holy Roman Empire   Battle of  Mohacs                                                                cumbersome    Philip II of Spain    Escorial      Divine right of kings       Absolute monarch
Battle of Lepanto  Dutch Netherlands  The Spanish Armada  Sir Francis Drake   Siglo de Oro 
El Greco      Diego Velazquez    Miguel Cervantes       Don Quixote

Ch 16 Sec 2. (pgs. 510-515)
Huguenots      St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre   Henry IV of France  Bourbons    Edict of Nantes    Cardinal Richilieu     Cardinal Mazarin 
Louis XIII   The Fronde   Louis XIV (Sun King)     Estates General      intendants   Jean Baptiste Colbert    Versailles       la levee     Jean Racine     Moliere       French  Academies   balance of power      War of the Spanish Succession      Treaty of Utrecht      Louis XV

Ch 16 Sec 3. (pgs. 516 –524)
Tudors     Henry VIII    Elizabeth I    James I ( England)    suppressed  dissenters   Puritans
Act of Supremacy    Stuarts     Charles I     William Laud     The Long Parliament    The English Civil War    Cavaliers     Roundheads
Oliver Cromwell    The Commonwealth     Lord Protector    Levellers    Charles II   The Restoration   James II    The Glorious Revolution   English Bill of Rights   limited monarchy      William and Mary    constitutional government     cabinet    Robert Walpole     oligarchy      

Ch 16 Sec 4. ( pgs. 525 – 529)

Electors    Thirty Years War    Ferdinand I ( H.R.E.)     mercenaries   depopulation     Peace of Westphalia    Austrian Hapsburgs    Maria Theresa     War of the Austrian Succession     Joseph II    Hohenzollern    Frederick William I   Junkers   Silesia    Frederick II  
Pragmatic Sanction        

Ch 16 Sec 5. ( pgs. 530 – 540)
Peter the Great     westernization    autocratic   warm-water port    The Great Northern War
St. Petersburg   Vitus Bering   Catherine the Great   Russo-Turkish War  partition   Partition of Poland     

Ideas to understand:
What conflicts was Charles V involved in?
What role did Philip II take in government affairs?
In what conflicts was Philip II involved? Explain what happened.
What was the Siglo de Oro?     Why did Spain suffer an economic decline?
How did France develop a strong monarchy?
How did Cardinal Richelieu consolidate the power in the hands of the king?
What was the Estates General and what role did it play in governing France?
How did Louis XIV gain loyalty from the middle class and add to his power?
How did Henry VIII and Elizabeth I reinforce Parliament’s power?
Describe and explain the English Civil War and the Restoration
What caused the Thirty years War? What were the results of the Treat of Westphalia?
Explain the Empires of the Prussians and Austrians
Describe and Explain the reigns of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great in Russia