Study Guide for Chapter 6 – Civilizations of the Americas     Terms and People to Know

Ch. 6 Sec. 1  pgs 184-194

John Lloyd Stephens    Mesoamerica   Bering Strait    bison   mammoths    maize    llama    The Olmecs      The Maya     Palenque    Copan   Piedras   Negras    Tikal     Calakmul     Yax Pac     stela   Itzamna  Chac    K’inich Ajaw   Yucatan Peninsula    Valley of Mexico   Mexica   Nahuatl  Aztlan     Aztecs    Tenochtitlan    Texcoco    chinampas   tribute   Quetzalcoatl    Teotihuacan    Tlacoc    Nanahuatzin              

Ch. 6 Sec. 2 pgs 195-200
Andes Mountains   Chavin    Chavin de Huantar    Moche   Adobe     Nazca    Huari    Tiahuanaco
Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui     Sapa Inca     The Incas     Cuzco   Quipu      Quechua      ayllu    Machu Picchu    Inti    Huayna Capac     

Ch. 6 Sec. 3 pgs 201-209 
The Hohokam farm   Pima  Papago    Anasazi   Mesa Verde     pueblos    Pueblo Bonito   kiva 
Navajos   Apaches   earthworks   Adena’s  Great Serpent Mound    Hopewell Mounds  Mississippians   Cahokia   The Natchez     The Inuit    potlatch    Iroquois     Iroquois League     tepees  

Ideas to understand
   Describe and explain the rise of cultures that developed in Mexico and Latin America.
Decribe and explain the various civilizations that developed in the Andean region of South America.
   Describe and explain the various cultures and civilizations that developed in North America.