Study Guide for Chapter 5 – Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity    Terms and People to Know

Ch 5 Sec 1, Pages (148-154)
Romulus and Remus   Appenine Mountains   Po River   Arno River  malaria    Latins     Etruscans
Tiber River     Seven hills of Rome    republic     Senate    patricians    consuls     dictator  Cincinnatus
plebians      Tribunes   veto    Twelve tables     dominated    Livia    Agrippina the Younger   Jupiter   Juno
Neptune   Mars       legion   centurians  

 Ch 5 Sec 2, Pages (155-160)
Carthage     First Punic War      Second Punic War      Hannibal     Cato     Scipio       Battle of Zama
Third PunicWar     imperialism    latifundia    Tiberius  and Gaius Gracchus      Julius Caesar     Pompey

Rubicon River  Gallic Wars   Julian calendar   Ides of March     Mark Antony     Octavian   Queen Cleopatra
Battle of Actium    Hadrian      Marcus Aurelius   Pax Romana    Circus Maximus    Colosseum   Gladiators

Ch 5 Sec 3 Pages (161-165)
Virgil “Aeneid”      satirize   Juvenal    Martial     Livy      Horatius   Stoicism     Pompeii    Mt. Vesuvius   mosaic  dome
Pantheon   engineering   aqueducts   aqueducts    Ptolemy    Galen     Civil Code   Pliny the Elder  

 Ch 5 Sec 4 pages (166 –172)
Judea   Jews   zealots    Messiah   Jerusalem    Masada    diaspora   Rabbis   Jesus of Nazareth ( Jesus Christ )
Matthew  Mark  Luke   John    apostles   crucifixion    Pontius Pilate    Saul of Tarsus ( Paul)    martyrs  Constantine
Theodosius    clergy    bishop     patriarchs     Popes    heresies   Council at Nicea     St. Augustine     epistles

Ch 5 Sec 4 pages (173 –183)
Diocletian      Maximian   inflation   Constantine   Constantinople    The Huns ( Attila )   Visigoths   Ostrogoths
Alaric      Vandals    Odoacer   mercenaries   Chalons     Fall of Rome  476  A.D.    Romulus Augustulus

Ideas to understand
   How did the geography of Italy influence the rise of Roman power?
   How did  the Roman Republic expand its territory to include the entire Mediterranean region?
   How was the Roman Republic transformed into an empire? .
   What features of Roman society and culture helped the Romans build and maintain their empire?

•   Why did Christianity take root in Judea?
•   What problems led to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire in the west?