Study Guide for Chapter 33 – The Developing World  (1945-Present)
Terms and People to Know
Ch 33 pgs. (1058-1071)  Sec 1
Development     developing world    literacy   traditional economies   Green Revolution   Chandrika Kumaratunga  fundalmentalists  shantytowns                      
Ch33 pgs. (1072-1075) Sec 2
Socialism   cash crops    desertification   AIDS    HIV  urbanization   endangered species  Wangari Maathi  sustainable development    Green Belt Movement        
Ch 33 pgs. (1076 -1081) Sec 3  
Deng Xiaoping    The Four Modernizations    responsibility system   Tiananmen Square  one-child policy   Kolkata   Mumbai   Mother Teresa   dalits   Octavio Paz
Ch 33 pgs. (1082- 1093) Sec 4
Carolina Maria de Jesus   Import substitution  agribusinesses   liberation theology 
Death Squads   Pablo Neruda  Lula da Silva   Fidel Castro  
Organization of American States OAS    Bay of Pigs     Salvador Allende  
Augusto Pinochet     Sandinistas   Contras    Manuel Noriega    indigenous 
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)  Vincente Fox   Juan Peron  
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo         
1. Describe and explain the changes in the Developing World after WWII.
2. Describe and explain the changes and the economic role that China has played in the world economy since the death of Mao Zedong.
3. Describe and explain the challenges faced by Latin America after WWII.