Study Guide for Chapter 19 –The French Revolution  Terms and People to Know

Ch19 Sec1 (Pages 624-637)
Seven Year's War   parlements    Louis XV   Louis VXI   Jacques Necker   Charles Alexandre de Calonne
Assembly of Notables   The Estates General   Etienne Charles Lomenie de Brienne   Assembly of the Clergy  don gratuit
bourgeoisie   First Estate  Second Estate  Third Estate   Abbe Sieyes  Doubling of the Third Estate   Cahiers de Doleances
National Assembly   The Tennis Court Oath   National Constituent Assembly  Marie Antoinette  The Bastille  The National Guard  The Paris Militia
Marquis de Lafayette  cockade  tricolor  journees  "The Great Fear "  Auguest 4th   The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
Declaration of Rights(Virginia)  The Women's March on Versailles Tuileries     

Ch19 Sec2 (pages 637-644)
The Constitution of 1791   Legislative Assembly   Olympe de Gouges's   Declaration of the Rights of Women    Departements  provinces   guilds 
Chapelier Law   The Metric System   assignats  Civil Constitution of the Clergy   refractory  emigres  Count of Artois   Flight to Varennes  Declaration of Pillnitz  Leopold II of Austria  Fredrick William II of Prussia        

Ch19 Sec3 (pages 644-649)
Legislative Assembly     Jacobins   Girondists   Prussian/Austrian-Franco War   Francis II    Pauline Leon    Paris Commune
The Septemeber Massacres   Universal Male Suffrage   Convention    Battle of Valmy  1st French Republic   sans-culottes
Jacobins ( Mountain )   Citizen Capet   guillotine   death of Louis XVI   General Dumouriez   Edmund Burke
Reflections on the Revolution in France    William Pitt the Younger   London Corresponding Society   Joseph Priestly   habeas corpus
Scheldt River   The First Coalition   

Ch19 Sec4 (pages 649-665)
Reign of Terror   The Committee of Public Safety   Jacques Danton   Maximilien Robespierre   Lazare Carnot
levee en masse  conscription   Republic of Virtue     Pauline Leon   Claire Lacombe
The Society of Revolutionary Republican Women    Olympe de Gouges  De-Christianization   Temple of Reason  deputies
Revolutionary Tribunals   enrages   Law of 22 Prairal   The Cult of the Supreme Being   Ninth of Thermidor
The Thermidorian Reaction  "The White Terror"    " bands of Jesus"   The Constitutiuon of the Year III   Council of Elders
Council of the Five Hundred  Napoleon Bonaparte   Treaties of Basel     The Directory    Gracchus Babeuf      

Ideas to remember
• How did the financial weaknesses of the French monarchy lay the foundation of the Revolution of 1789?
• Discuss the role of Louis XVI in the French Revolution. What were some of his blunders? Was there a way he could have avoided the French Revolution?
• Describe and explain how the Estates General was transformed into the National Assembly. How does the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens reflect the idelas of the Enlightenment?
  Describe and explain the various ways that France attempted to reorganize its government and social institutions.
  Describe and explain the Revolution of 1792 and why it occurred?
  Describe and explain the various wars that France was involved in during the Revolution. What were the drawbacks or benefits of France fighting a wr during domestic upheaval?
• Describe and explain how France supported or violated the idea of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.