How to Succeed in Mr. Mac's Class

Read it, Write it, Review it, Remember it.
The above Mantra is how to study, use it, be one with the only tool you have, your book

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Read the Text Book and Practice people pleasing behaviors.  ( be polite, be enthusiastic, be considerate, be on time)
Outline from the Text, Take notes from Class Lectures.
Complete the Study Guides and Homework.
Study Guides can be used on most tests and have to be completed to pass the course
Participate in class, participate in discussions, complete and turn in journals and assignments
Correct Tests - 1 per quarter up to an 79.
Complete a Biography, or Jeopardy 1 per quarter
Take Education seriously.
Mr. MacGuinness’ Pet Peeves
Sleeping in Class or putting your head down it’s rude , don’t do it !!!!
Talking when I am talking
Being rude to others during discussions
Disrupting Class and being disrespectful
Speaking out without raising your hand!!
My Room is like my house don't mess it up or treat it like a dumping ground.
Biographies will be assigned, to be completed by the end of each quarter, for disciplinary infractions, (if you do them they will help your grade, if you do not, they will result in a 0 )
World History I and II are both SOL courses and are required to graduate High School with a Diploma

This class is not difficult just do the work and you will be successful

I maintain this Website at my own expense for the benefit of students taking History courses throughout the  County and the  State.

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