Study Guide for Chapter 7 - Rome Ruled the Western World for Centuries
Terms and People to Know
Ch7 Sec 1, Pages (142-148)
Romulus and Remus   Appenine Mountains   Po River   malaria    Latium     Etruscans
Tiber River     Seven hills of Rome    republic     Assembly of Centuries    Assembly of Tribes
Senate     consuls    veto    checks and balances    praetors    censors    tribunes    dictator patricians
plebians    Twelve tables     legion     paterfamilias    lares    penates    Jupiter   Vesta    Pontifex Maximus
Ch7 Sec 2, Pages (148-151)
Carthage     First Punic War      Second Punic War      Hannibal     Scipio       Battle of Zama
Third PunicWar     Seleucid king    The provinces      proconsul     publicans      tax farming
latifundia    equites     Spartacus    Crucifixion
Ch7 Sec 3, Pages (151-155)
The Gracchi     Gaius Marius     Lucius Sulla     Julius Caesar     First Triumvirate    Pompey    Crassus Gallic Wars    Rubicon River     Cleopatra    Ptolemy     Ides of March     The Second Triumvirate Octavian    Marc Antony    Lepidus    Battle of Actium    Augustus     Julian Emperors      Tiberius, Caligula     Claudius    Nero     Hadrian      Antoninus Pius      Marcus Aurelius  
Ch7 Sec 4, Pages (155-162)
Pax Romana     aqueducts    Praetorian Guard    colonus    Circus Maximus    Colosseum    Gladiators Ptolemy     Galen     Cicero      Virgil “Aeneid”     Ovid     Horace     Tacitus      Plutarch “Parallel Lives”
Ch 7 Sec 5 pages (162 –166)
Messiah ( Annointed One)      Rabbis        Simon bar Kokhba       Jesus of Nazareth ( Jesus Christ )
Disciples   Pontius Pilate    Saul of Tarsus ( Paul)     Cybele and Isis   martyrs     Constantine      Theodosius      patriarchs     Pope      Council at Nicea
Ch 7 Sec 6 pages (166 –175)
Commodus         Diocletian      Constantinople          inflation        collegia         Ostrogoths
 Ostrogoths     The Huns ( Attila )     Visigoths      Alaric       Chalons     Fall of Rome AD 476D
Anarchy        Romulus Augustulus
Ideas to understand
   How did the geography of Italy influence the rise of Roman power?
   How did  the Roman Republic expand its territory to include the entire Mediterranean region?
   How was the Roman Republic transformed into an empire? .
   What features of Roman society and culture helped the Romans build and maintain their empire?
   Why did Christianity take root in Judea?
   What problems led to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire in the west?
Essay Questions ( give specific examples to support your statements )
1.      Describe and explain how the geography of Italy influence the rise of Roman power? Explain the early influences on Roman culture, government, and society?
2.      Describe and explain the change from Rome as a republic, to Rome as an empire. How did the Pax Romana and Roman culture add to the expansion of the Roman empire?
3.      Describe and explain the decline and fall of the Roman empire. What was left to the western world of the heritage of the Roman empire?