Biographies or Bios

What is a Bio?
 A Bio or Biography is a 3 page typed paper, 12 font, double spaced, on a person of historical significance. Sources must be noted, but a formal bibliography is not necessary.

How do I get a biography?
 You can elect to complete one biography a quarter for extra credit. Biographies count as a 50 point test grade depending on the paper written.
Biographies are also assigned for disciplinary reasons and must be completed by the end of the quarter. Failure to complete a disciplinary biography will result in a O.

What Historical figure should I write my Biography on for the Quarter? Biographies should be written about someone we have recently studied or are about to study in upcoming Chapters. Look on your study guides or ask Mr. Mac for help. If you elect to complete a biography please check with Mr. Mac first. Mr. Mac doesn't want to read multiple biographies on the same person. If you are assigned a biography, you will write about the person you are assigned.

Where can I find information about people of historical significance?
There are several excellent web sites that have information on historical figures. is one very good source, and Worldbookonline or Encarta also have excellent information. The York High School computers have several excellent programs and my room is open and computers are available for student use, providing they have their password. A student could always check out and read a book (biography) from the school or public library on the person as well. ( be still my heart)

Why do we get this excellent opportunity for extra credit?
People create History, and often reading about a particular person in History will help a student better understand the time period. Reading is also an essential skill and one that is seriously lacking in many students. Writing also would fall under the same essential skills category. I believe students should complete the regularly assigned work and not rely on extra credit, but I assign biographies as a disciplinary tool and therefore I feel I have to give the well behaved student an equal opportunity.

Can we ever write a biography about someone we think is cool or have a personal interest in?
Biographies for the fourth quarter can be about anyone as long as they have some historical significance. I am very lenient in who I will accept. I only ask that you tell me who you are going to write about before you complete the assignment to guard against getting ten biographies on Eminem, - Marshall or is that Jerry Mathers?

 Can we write more than one biography per quarter?
 No, unless you are assigned biographies, only one will count per quarter. If you are assigned more than one. ( The record is five), only one will count for credit, however they all will count against the student that earns them due to disciplinary infractions if they are not completed.   
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