A.P. World History Notes, and Jeopardies
A.P. World History
Ch1-From Hunting and Gathering to Early Civilizations 2.5 million B.C until 100 B.C.
Ch 1 Prehistory Notes
Ch1-Egypt Jeopardy
Ch 1 Egyptian Notes
Ch1-Mesopotamia Jeopardy
Ch 1 Mesopotamia Notes
Ch 2 The Classical Period from 1000 B.C until 500 A.D.
China Notes on the Han and Qin Dynasties
Ch2 China Jeopardy
Ch 3 India Jeopardy
Ch 3 India notes on the Gupta and Mauryan Dynasties
Ch 3 Buddhism and Hinduism
Ch 4 Persia, Greece and Rome Notes and Jeopardies

Ch4Greece Jeopardy
Ch4 Greece Continued Jeopardy
Ch4 Greece Notes Alexander
Ch4 Notes Greek Writers-Artists-Philosophers
Ch 4 - Jeopardy - Rome   
Ch 5 New Directions and Diversities
Ch 6 The Post Classical Periods 500 - 1450 New Faith and New Commerce 500 A.D. until 1450 A.D.
Ch 6 Jeopardy Islam
Ch 6 Islam Notes Sec 1
Ch 6-7 Islam Notes Sec 2

Ch 7 The Spread of Islam to South and Southeast Asia 
Ch 7 Notes for the spread of Islam into Southeast Asia
Ch 8 African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam
Ch 8 Africa Jeopardy
Ch 9 - Study Guide Byzantine Study Guide
Ch 9 Jeopardy - Byzantine Empire
Ch 10 Charlemagne and the Franks Notes
Ch 10 Notes on Feudalism

Ch 10 Middle AgesJeopardy
Ch10 High Middle Ages Jeopardy
World History I Mid-Term RevJeopardy 1- 10
Ch 10 Notes
Ch 10 Notes England
Ch 10 Notes Trade and Church
Ch 10 Medieval Jeopardy

Ch 10 Study Guide
Ch 10 Medieval Study Guide
Ch 11 The Americas Jeopardy on the Eve of the Invasion 
Notes Meso-America Ch 11
Ch 11 Africa and the Americas Jeopardy

Ch 12 Reunification and Renaissance in China Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties
Ch 12 Asia Japan, China, Korea JeopardyWorld
Rubric for AP World History DBQ
Guidelines for AP World Document Based Question
Ch 13 The Spread of Chinese Civilization to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Ch13 Japan Korea, and Vietnam Jeopardy
Ch 14 The Mongols and the Last Nomadic Challanges
Ch 14 The Mongols Jeopardy
Ch 15 Sec1 Notes Italian Renaissance
Ch 16 Sec 2 Notes Northern Renaissance
Ch 15 Changingbalance The Rise of the West Jeopardy
Ch 15 The Renaissance Jeopardy
Ch 16 The New Renaissance Jeopardy
Ch 17 Reformation Jeopardy

Ch 17 The Early Modern Period 1450 - 1750 A.D. The World Shrinks
Ch 17 Absolute Monarchies and Exploration Jeopardy
Ch 17 The Growth of England and Government Jeopardy
Ch 17 The French Revolution and Napoleon Jeopardy
Ch 18 The Rise of Russia
Ch 19 Early Latin America
Ch 20 Africa and the Africans in the Age of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Ch 21 The Muslim Empires - The Gunpowder Empires
Ch 22 The Asian Transition - Europe and Asia Collide
Ch 23 The Italian and German Unification Jeopardy

Ch 23 The Emergence of the Industrial West
Ch 23 Industrial Revolution Jeopardy
Ch 23 The Social Changes of the Industrial Revolution Jeopardy
Ch 23 Imperialism Jeopardy

Ch 23 The Age of Democratic Reforms in Europe Jeopardy
Ch24 Industrialization and Imperialism Ottoman and Mughal Empires 

Ch 25 the Consolidation of Latin America
Ch 25 Latin America Jeopardy
Ch 26 Ithe Ottoman Empire and Qing China in Turmoil
Ch 27 Russia and Japan Industrialization
Ch 28 The Newest Stage of History 1914 - Present
Ch 28 World War I Descent into the Abyss
Ch 29 The World Between the Wars
Ch 30 The Second Global Conflict the End of European World Order
Ch 31 The Cold War Western Society and Eastern Europe
Ch 32 Latin America Revolution and Reaction
Ch 33 Africa, the Middle East and Asia
Ch 34 Rebirth and Revolution in East Asia
Ch 35 Power Politics and Resistance
Ch 36 Globalization and Resistance